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30 Day Visibility Vortex Challenge

30 day visibility challenge to skyrocket 🚀 your audience growth, increase your email list subscribers & book new podcast/collaborations


you're someone who:

-> feels like the same people watch AND buy your offers. Nothing wrong with that AT ALL. But you WANT to grow your audience with new people and create a bigger corner of the internet.

-> Desires to expand outside the IG bubble & wants to start building a BIGGER network through different collaborations, speaking and podcasts.

-> Desires to speed up the buying process when people find you on the platforms you're on.

By the end of the challenge you will have:

-> NEW ideal clients in your audience who relate to your brand & who are perfect for your offers (based on your content message and brand values)

-> NEW opportunities booked to expand your network, cross pollinate audiences & build credibility through your expertise

-> NEW connections & BIZ friends to collaborate with the rest of the year

->full visibility strategy for your brand to take with you through September-December for even bigger growth.


You will receive an email with full 30 day plan! PLEASE check your spam!