From Working 7 Jobs In 3 Years To Owning A Business With Luan Jardine

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2023

Welcome back to Multi-Passionate Conversations! Today I’m chatting with Luan Jardine, a Facebook Ads Specialist and Educator, about her unique journey going from working seven jobs in only three years to now owning her own business. In that time, how she’s prioritized her mental health, dealt with horrible bosses and what having her own business has been able to do for her now, after she said “fuck it” and walked away from corporate.

Luan is a Facebook and Instagram Ads Expert that helps changemakers reach their dream audience. Luan is a strong believer that by connecting entrepreneurs with the right audience through advertising, they can be *wildly* successful. Her advertising campaigns bring in results that consistently cost less than competitors' average because of her strategic and audience-focused approach. She’s managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad campaigns and achieved a cost per lead as low as $0.50 (19X lower than industry average). 


She is based out of BC, Canada and loves any creative activity, including baking, crafting, and painting.

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Inside the episode we’ll talk about: 

  • Behind the scenes of Facebook Ads; what works and what doesn’t
  • What her boss really said to her when she asked to take a mental health leave
  • How she vets leads in her business now after leaving toxic corporate 
  • What she loves and hates inside her own business
  • What she does to support her mental health as an entrepreneur 


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