Top 5 Time Management Tips For Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2023

Welcome back to Multi-Passionate Conversations! Today we’re going to discuss how to schedule your day and your week for the most success. As a multi-passionate, if you’re anything like me, you have a lot going on, you have a lot of ideas, there’s a lot of things you want to do throughout the day or maybe you just feel like you don’t have enough time to get things done, you aren't sure where your main focuses should be so we’re going to reverse engineer these challenges into something that works best for you. 


Inside the episode we’ll talk about: 

  • Utilizing Short Spurts: I set a timer for 30 minutes and do one task. Once the timer is finished, I'm able to decide if I want to continue onto another task OR keep doing the same task.
  • Picking less tasks to do for the day: Only picking 3-5 task for optimal effort is crucial to keep the quality high of the tasks you're doing. Also, picking your TOP hardest tasks, and trying to get them done before noon is always good.
  • Brain dump and categorize: Brain dump all your ideas & tasks onto a sheet of paper everyday to get all the crazy stuff out of your brain.
  • Making room for self-care and creativity every single day: Make room for yourself daily to be able to focus on YOU and reflect.
  • Incorporating deep work on a weekly basis: If you're not into short spurts, you can do 1-2 hours of deep work on one task multiple times a week.

I go in depth on these 5 tactics inside the podcast.

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